Together we thrive.

Üba wellness with Future Health

Wellness has always been at the core of Üba thinking and so it was a natural fit when we met Magda, a local gym instructor who specialises in pilates and total body conditioning. We were on the lookout for a weekly wellbeing activity to bring into the studio just as Magda was about to launch Future Health; a short 20 minute stretching class specifically designed for the workplace.

Every week, the team at Üba spend 20 dedicated minutes focusing on stretching and flexing our arms, legs, back and neck and releasing the strain caused by sitting at a desk. The short session each week allows us to reflect, as well as improve our posture helping us with long term side effects of neck and back pain. The classes are a weekly highlight in the Üba diary and create a relaxing atmosphere as we rebalance for the remainder of the week.

We helped Magda to launch Future Health by creating a logo, leaflet, business card and T-Shirt. The logo features an abstract shape of a stretching person, this shape was repeated to reflect balance and calmness. For the branding style, we used an image that has a fun take on the stretching in the office concept to make Future Health come across as something that looks fun and not intimidating.

You will often spot Magda at various locations around St. Helier proudly wearing her Future Health T-Shirt; make sure you ask her for some stretching tips!

With Magda’s expertise we know we are well on the way to looking after our Future Health.