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Benest & Syvret Advocates

Following the completion of their office renovation at No.16 Hill Street, Benest & Syvret, Advocates and Solicitors first came to us in 2010 looking for a brand refresh and were susequently keen to have some promotional items to showcase their updated brand.

As a traditional and well known law firm, the refresh retained many features from their well established style and we went about setting up Benest & Syvret with a strong advertising style using clever copy which incorporated the ‘B’ & ‘S’ from their name.

As part of the tradition of something they had done before, Benest & Syvret were keen to have a branded umbrella. We put a design together which featured the typographic style from the logo but was also bright and eyecatching. Benest & Syvret were delighted with the final product and have since used the design to create ladies handbag umbrellas too. A rainy day never goes by without catching sight of a bright green umbrella in the streets of St. Helier, highlighting the importance of a well thought out promotional product that people will use time and time again.

Wedding Fayre
After the umbrella, Benest & Syvret were keen for us to develop promotional items that could be given out to prospective clients. In particular they were attending an upcoming local wedding fayre later that year so it was important they had something to give out that would catch the attention of prospective brides & grooms amongst all the exciting wedding paraphernalia. After speaking to some grooms, it seemed their motivation was for anything of a sweet variety; therefore we decided some jelly beans would be the way to a man’s heart and set upon some packaging using the line ‘Beautifully Sweet’.  But once the excitement of the wedding fayre had died down and the seriousness of organising the wedding was setting in, we thought a ‘His and Hers’ checklist notepad would be the practical item that every bride wouldn’t be able to live without. The notepad also tied into the Benest & Syvret advertising style with the line ‘Beautifully Solved’.

To complete the set, bags and torch cards were also produced, the torch cards featured the line ‘Bright Solutions’. The bespoke bags were vital to hold all the promo items and literature, and also meant the wedding fayre was a great opportunity to get the attendees using the branded bag to carry everything else they would pick up along the way.

Torch Keyrings
Following the success of the wedding fayre, Benest & Syvret really liked the torch and wanted to combine this with a keyring; an easy giveaway to give out any time, anywhere, but also relevant to any clients who had purchased a property. The ‘Bright Solutions’ line was again used as a play on words to the torch, but also as a clever line to suggest how Benest & Syvret work.