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At Üs, we like to believe we go that extra mile for our clients, and that couldn't have been truer than when Ruthie & Emily took on the 'Be a Daredevil for Dementia' challenge for Jersey Alzheimer's Association.

In September 2016, along with 5 other volunteers, both Ruthie & Emily took part in a tandem skydive. This was a real challenge that pushed them out of their confort zones (and quite literally out of a plane).

The skydive consisted of boarding the small plane, climbing to a height of 10,000 feet before jumping out attached to your experienced tandem skydive instructor. After freefalling for 30 seconds, your parachute then opens allowing for a gentle 3 minute descent to eventually land on the beach at the gunsite. Ruthie and Emily had completely different visual experiences with Emily's taking place at sunset, and Ruthie's on a sunny blue sky morning.

Ruthie & Emily both loved their experience; the smiles on their faces as they landed said it all! As a collective, all the various participants for the 'Daredevil for Dementia' campaign raised a fantastic £10,000 for Jersey Alzheimer's Assocation.

We're proud at Üs of how dedicated we are to our clients; we throw ourselves into every campaign and love seeing fantastic results for our clients!

Popping into Üs Creatives will result with you being asked the question ‘Did I tell you about my skydive?’.