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Child Commissioners Office

The Child Commissioner and her team work in a range of different ways to help ensure that the rights of children and young people in Jersey are promoted and protected.

The office is the first National Human Rights Institution to be established in Jersey. It conveys that Jersey as a community, care about all children’s rights.

We were appointed to create the first Annual Report since Deborah McMillan came to office detailing the purpose of the role and the wonderful work her and her team have done.

We created a modern annual report using typography and illustration as visual interpretations of the work the commission carries out. 

The Child Commissioner’s Office endeavours to meet as many children as they can through their work with youth clubs and schools as well as establishing an advisory panel of children. This was the biggest influence when creating the look and feel for the plan. 

The plan was launched digitally in 2020 covering 2018/2019.