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Daredevil for Dementia

In 2016, we launched the ‘Be a Daredevil for Dementia’ campaign for Jersey Alzheimer’s Association. With Jersey being an island where people have a keen interest in extreme sports and activities, the idea was that participants could become a ‘Daredevil’ and fundraise for JAA. At Üs we felt so inspired to get involved that Ruthie & Emily both volunteered to take part in a tandem skydive!

The campaign was initially launched as part of an island wide fundraising pack. Postcards were handed out at outdoor and activity events in Jersey. Whilst the campaign encouraged people to set up their own events, 2 main daring fundraisers were organised by JAA & Üs, the Tandem Skydive and an abseil at Gorey Castle. These events were advertised through social media as well as press releases and generated interest with lots of people coming forward to sign up. The media picked up on the exciting ‘daredevil’ theme and we were given editorial in both printed and digital platforms, as well as interviews on BBC Radio Jersey.

Facebook become invaluable in promoting events; it was able to offer live updates and push pages such as JustGiving for individual sponsorship. Word of mouth increased awareness, as each person who signed up to an event then informed their immediate circle of friends, family and colleagues.

The ‘Be a Daredevil for Dementia’ campaign was a huge success with combined events raising over £10,000. Other activities included participants taking part in the Breca Jersey Swim Run and an incredibly brave lady challenging herself to do a wing walk! The press coverage following events was fantastic with events being featured in the Bailiwick Express, BBC Radio Jersey, and local parish magazines keeping awareness about JAA at an all time high!

Well done to all the JAA daredevils!

Ruthie & Emily’s Skydiving Story...

On 8 April 2016, Üs Creatives director, Ruthie arrived back from a meeting to announce that she had agreed to do a skydive; it didn’t take too much persuasion for Üs designer, Emily, to accept the challenge too! For both, this was the start of an emotional rollercoaster of overcoming fears, finding willpower and discovering determination!

Following the press release about the skydive, the skydiving team grew to 7 participants (including JAA Managing Director, Mark Blamey); between which an incredible £6000 was raised for JAA! Thanks to the fantastic team at Skydive Jersey, Emily completed her skydive at sunset on the 20 September and Ruthie on a sunny Wednesday morning the following week.

The skydive consisted of boarding the small plane, climbing to a height of 10,000 feet before jumping out attached to your experienced tandem skydive instructor. You then freefall for 30 seconds before the parachute opens allowing for a gentle 3 minute descent to eventually land on the beach at the gunsite.

Ruthie & Emily both loved their experience; the smiles on their faces as they landed said it all! It was an incredible experience and one they were both grateful to have the opportunity to be part of whilst raising a fantastic £1500 for a very worth cause! Thank you so much to everyone that sponsored and donated to their fundraising! (Still on cloud nine but promise we'll be down soon.)

Popping into Üs Creatives will result with you being asked the question ‘Did I tell you about my skydive?’.