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GreenonPurpose approached us in Spring 2018 to look at strengthening and evolving their brand.

In the United Kingdom huge audiences have been entranced by the David Attenborough's magnificent new BBC series – Blue Planet 2. Audiences eyes are opened to the negative impacts of human activity on ocean life all around the world.

With a family heritage in recycling in South Africa, brother and sister team are passionate about how their knowledge and earth friendly natural products could change attitudes and reduce plastic pollution.

They launched Green on Purpose in 2017 but as competition is growing in this area they reflected on their brand values and the challenge to stand out and stand for something. Working in South Africa and Jersey to launch their products to 2 different audiences they recognised brand needed to be stronger in Jersey.

We researched into plastic pollution and went back to the emotive route of the message - repositioning the brand mark and using expressive illustration to tell the Green on Purpose mission and story. We introduced a flexible toolkit that the team could work on their own presentations for local impact and their brand agency partner in South Africa could work with for local promotion.

Strong brand awareness has been recognised and we will continue to analyse as the brand is rolled out.