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Hapi lifestyle

Üs helped to develop the name and brand re-fresh for lifestyle store Hapi, sympathetic to their following and original branding. The name ' Hapi' was  chosen - taking taking influence from the Egyptian God of water and fertility and their philosophy of balanced life. Matt commented; "We really liked the word and how it made us feel and the strong link with water, for the business and me personally, made it a great choice."

The original logo featured a paint splat; as a brand refresh, the essence of the logo was kept but the splat was refined, and the name and colour scheme were updated to unisex colours. The typeface is a strong, bold typeface enabling the option of using the logo as a whole or splitting the elements so that the type section could appear on it's own with the splat as a separate graphic element.

As part of the rebrand, the existing shop and van signage needed replacing as well as designing new signage for the new airport store. As an open air outlet in the airport departures hall, we were given the task of creating eye catching signage with limited wall space and without a shop window frontage. We placed a large vinyl cut version of the logo on the wall which faces every traveler as they walk into the departures hall creating instant impact. On the reverse, the wall was painted in the brand colour orange, and the type section of the logo applied in white-out to catch attention.

We also helped Hapi redesign their bags to an iconic, stylish bag that reflected the clothing brands sold. Stickers for wrapping and labels were also produced as well as stationery.