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HBFS Your Independent Financial Adviser

HBFS had a clear strategy going into 2020 to be visible and accessible to local residents wanting financial advice, whether an individual had £50 to invest or £500,000. 'Many of our most successful clients starting with a small investment and are now high net worth individuals’ Michael Barney, MD.

Üs Creatives have worked with HBFS Financial Advisers since 2017 refreshing their brand and building their presence.

We created a 3 month awareness campaign beginning the Summer of 2020 establishing HBFS as an integral part of island life. We wrote a set of reassuring headlines to sit alongside bespoke illustrations symbolising all of their services, reinforcing the message that HBFS are a local Jersey company serving all local residents financial advice.

The campaign was segmented to target specific demographic for each service and rolled out on; social media; digital advertising placement and advertising and editorial within local magazines.

Statistics show that during the lockdown more social media users were spending more time online and Gen Z and Millenials expect brands to take action to help Covid 19. As well as the campaign we worked alongside them to enable them to become more digital and accessible to clients through an online chat system and google adwords. HBFS also donated a sum of money to the hospital and four local charities. 

'We have been using ÜS Creatives for the past 4 years and the ideas and service they provide is ‘spot on’. Not only did they rebrand HBFS, they have the ability to keep this ‘fresh’ and introduce new concepts such as our summer campaign which reinforced the fact that we are a local company serving local residents. And the results ? Yes, effective marketing works – so thank you.'

Michael Barney, Director HBFS Managing Director & Partner.