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Health Awareness Campaign

We were approached by the Health Promotion Unit to come up with a campaign targeting young men aged 14-18 for the summer of 2011. We had the difficult task of educating them as to the health risks or unprotected sex in Jersey, without frightening them. 

Through focus groups we were able to identify some of the misconceptions and concerns the age group had with regards to sex and generated a concept that dealt with issues such as STIs, pregnancy, good sex vs. bad sex and drink related sexual encounters.

We thoroughly enjoyed the process and presented our final concepts to the group who gave us the final nod in what they felt would be most effective and well received.

This was then turned into a micro-site, facebook page and posters featuring QR codes (Scannable 3D barcodes for their smart phones) pointing them towards more helpful advice and most importantly where to get those free condoms from!