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Integration and brand are king

The launch Healthhaus was a carefully staged process, which went through two teaser campaigns, a reveal and then structured delivery of key messages. Working with the owners' of Healthhaus' clearly defined vision and brief, we produced a multiple award-winning campaign that exceeded all expectations.

‘Your home from home’, Healthhaus intentionally uses the German word for home to convey the intrinsic German values of efficiency and precision. Din, a clean German typeface was used for the logotype and strapline. The ‘h’ leaf icon softens the brand and portrays a high end, spa feel. Coloured with metallic Duck-egg blue and a champagne gold to balance male and female, ying and yang.

Healthhaus uses the leaf icon and primary colour pallet as the building blocks of the branding throughout all communications. One of the core elements in place from the earliest teaser campaigns is a pattern developed from the leaf icon to resemble a Luis Vuitton pattern. This ensured Healthhaus resonated with their target audience – people who want to be at the cutting edge and crave luxury. Later we chose to break the pattern up and couple it with photography and full body text to reveal the Healthhaus offering. During this phase the founding member offers sold out within 2 weeks of the official opening.

The advertising campaign was carefully placed at key communication points with our target audience. We wanted people who were cash rich but time poor, so we selected high end business magazines, fashion led magazines, Facebook, a wellbeing publication. We also cleverly used the back of buses to reach our audience when they are stuck in traffic and most wanting to escape the mundane - seeking some luxury. On site messages were also reinforced using banners and literature.

All literature follows strict brand guidelines on logos, fonts, colours, layout, illustration and imagery, paper stocks. High end foil and embossing finishes were used for an ultra-luxe brochure that took your through the journey and sold the ‘home from home’ and 360˚ wellness vision of Healthhaus. Prior to the club being completed Stock, CGI and real photography of the Spa were carefully selected and tied together by ensuring predominant use of colours from within the decor of the club. Everything drips cool, luxury and Zen health. It was important to include models in photography to capture the essence of connection, a ‘real’ and emotive quality to balance the luxury. After opening all literature and advertising was updated following a photoshoot of the finished club.

Everything is branded, sign up and sales forms, health assessments, membership cards. Members receive branded towels and exercise bags, all wrapped with leaf pattern branded tissue paper which is sealed with a metallic blue leaf sticker in a branded shopper bag. Social media activity through a branded Facebook and Twitter pages ensures there is a constant dialogue of interaction with fans and members.

On it's opening day, following a 12 week pre-sale campaign the club had 650 members signed up, who still hadn't even seen the club. Membership for the club closed 9 months ahead of original forecasts when it was less than one year old, and we are now working with them on two new sites due to open soon.

It's no surprise that the judges at the CIM Awards were blown away by our entries - have a look at our story about the awards to see their comments.

Healthhaus brand evolution developed in collaboration with Katie Killip, former Director of Üba Studio Limited.