Together we thrive.

Jersey Private Patients

Jersey Private Patients (JPP) offers a private patient service within Jersey General Hospital. It provides choice in patient care for islanders wishing to use their private medical insurance or for those who wish to self-fund. 

As part of the ongoing development of the service, all aspects of the private patient experience is being reviewed, including the way in which the service is portrayed and promoted. 

The JPP brand was dated in comparison to its UK counterparts and a new brand was required to position the service as a tangible on-island option for private patient care. 

The project commenced with a Brand Clarity Session. This involved a discussion about the brand and its values, customer needs, perceptions of the existing service, the competitive environment and UK hospital brands. 

After presenting and shortlisting concepts, initial research was undertaken using a Focus Group, which was then broadened out to include internal staff views and inpatient feedback via a printed questionnaire. This enabled a decision to be made on the final brand selection.

Brand Promise & Logo

The key message from the research was ‘care you can trust in a place you call home’, which led to the development of the brand promise: Providing tailored, private hospital care, in the place you call home, which later formed the strapline ‘Tailored care close to home’.

For the logo, inspiration was taken from the ‘Rod of Asclepius’, a serpent-entwined rod wielded by the deity associated with healing and medicine. The icon was drawn to recreate the traditional symbol as a simplified version that incorporated the initials of JPP; The rod is the ‘J’ and the ‘P’ is represented as the snake. The overall logo is elegant and iconic, with the emphasis that on-island private care is accessible.

The colour palette was intentionally chosen to reflect the friendly and approachable nature of the service and staff that represent JPP.

Brand Values

Jersey Private Patients’ brand values are in keeping with those of the States of Jersey, but reflect the needs of private patients. Core values include: Customer Focus, Constantly Improving, Better Together, Always Respectful and We Deliver.


As a result, JPP have a workable, quality brand which is on a par with any of its UK counterparts.

The brand was rolled out across all internal and external literature, hospital and ward signage, presentations and uniforms. Promotional tools featuring the new brand continue to be developed as the service evolves.