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Live Life Fitness

Health and fitness is constantly at the forefront of many people's daily lives; and in an industry that is flooded with choices, Georgina Hopkins came to us to launch her Personal Training & Rehabilitation business, Live Life Fitness, to give her brand impact.

With a genuine passion for helping people to change their lives, and having recently gained a qualification as a Cancer Rehabilitation Specialist, Georgina wanted a platform for potential clients to find out more about her expertise and background. As a retained firefighter who also offers specific training for the fire service, it was crucial that Live Life Fitness demonstrated Georgina’s committed years of experience in the fitness industry, but was also considerate of the business expansion into Cancer Rehabilitation; the brand had to allow Georgina’s approachable personality to shine through. 

Live Life Fitness was born from the philosophy of ‘Sai Vivre’ (Jèrriais translation of ‘Live Life’), we therefore wanted to create a brand that was energetic and active. We created a smart logo which combined a shoe lace (active, sporty) and a heart (caring, friendly, living, supportive). Paired with an bright colour scheme, the turquoise green gave the brand energy, which was balanced with a regal purple to demonstrate authenticity and discipline.

The brand was rolled out across business cards, a website and social media. For the website, a strong photographic style was implemented alongside a handwritten, script typeface which kept the brand familiar and approachable.