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Mi Finance Brand Refresh

Mi Finance is a loan provider in Jersey offering small to large loans at competitive rates.

After a year of being in business with a basic brand they decided they needed to smarten up their image to coincide with a significant investment in retail premises and the recruitment of a larger team.

Our job was to evaluate the current brand and refresh it ready for the move. Our brief was wide ranging and included the design and installation of ready exterior and interior signage; the design and production of sales literature; major website and social media enhancements; CSR and sponsorship initiatives; and a diverse awareness campaign covering their services and new location.

As one of the Directors featured prominently in all the original branding, we also had to change the perception that he was the sole driver of the business. Our message had to convey that both the team and Mi Finance’s range of services had expanded.

Mi Finance wanted to become the loan provider customers would naturally think of first for great service, great rates and convenience. As Mi Finance search the market for the best deal  we decided the term ‘supermarket’ was perfect to describe their service and make the tone sound affordable.

We copywrote the strapline ‘Your local loan supermarket’ to differentiate them from other local loan providers and introduce a convenient buy-local feel.

We redrew the logo in a flat style taking away the layers and gradients on the original icon which had dated it quickly. We strengthened the blue making it a two-tone gradient and added a tail to the ‘i’ to enhance legibility.

A friendly character was required to be the new face of Mi Finance and front the awareness campaign. We carried out small research groups and concluded that a dog would be the friendliest most engaging character.

We chose a Jack Russell to front the campaign who our client named ‘Feelio the Dealio’ after the headline of the first press advert he appeared in. A confident, chatty brand language was created to give a sense of fun and freedom, starring Feelio. He went on to feature on the window, brochures, custom created newspapers as well as throughout the launch advertising campaign.

The directors and shareholders of Mi Finance told us:

“We were delighted with Uba Studio’s approach and the end result. Their attention to detail was impeccable and their consultative style challenged our thought processes throughout and encouraged us to think hard about both our message to the market and the way we actually do business. This was a true partnership that transcended the traditional designer/client boundaries and added true value to our business. We would endorse Uba Studio wholeheartedly.”