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NobleProg Institute

When it comes to education and online coaching Nobleprog really knows its stuff. Following growing interest into their popular Data Science courses they decided to create a stand-alone Institute to deliver just cutting edge tech. We helped NobleProg Institute create a brand that would take it to the top of the class.
10 years of delivering online training courses, over 20,000 sessions and 5000 corporate clients tells you all you need to know. It’s new brand needed to be more than just that if it was to compete with the data market leaders. We did our homework and found their target audience wanted simplicity, excitement and to never stop learning.

We created a smart brand with a distinct tech feel with the ’N’ & the ‘I’ making the icon. We wrote the strap-line ‘Inspiring minds’ as they are very proud of their coaches who are leaders in their field and on the cutting edge of tech.
Using a bright colour palette of green as their primary colour and blue and red as secondary we applied this to a concept of a galaxy idea. The galaxy conveys ongoing learning and expanding knowledge.

The brand was applied across stationery, website and social media.

Our client commented. "The team at Üs were instrumental in helping turn our vision into reality and exceeded our expectations. By working alongside us in partnership the team got under the skin of our business and our market, in order to bring our business to life - creating a quite simply stunning brand. The journey Üs took us on was both fun and enlightening throughout and always kept us honest to the brand. Thank you Üs Creatives!"