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Refreshing a brand style

After a successful first year of trading under her own practice, and as an already established leading Family Law Advocate, Claire Davies felt it was time to refresh their brand style imagery.

As Claire works within a sensitive area of law, the images needed to be empathetic and compassionate but also demonstrate Claire’s strength and dedication.

We researched alternative images that reflected these traits and chose a style of powerful nature images; impactful and contrasting, each image was paired with a strong headline. 

The first image is a powerful tree amongst a lavender field and dramatic sky. The striking perspective of the photo leads the viewer to the strength and command of the tree which also represents guidance and knowledge. 

As a second image, we chose a delicate flower growing and thriving amongst snow and ice. Reflecting Claire’s delicate approach but also her strength, this was paired with the headline ‘Strength when you need it’. 

The new imagery was rolled out across the website, social media, advertising and a building entrance poster.

“It has always been a rewarding experience developing and growing brands with the Studio.”
Russell Davies, Operations, Claire Davies Advocate