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Restore Health Pharmacy brand

We were briefed to develop a brand - a logo had already been created - and advertising style for new business Restore Health Pharmacy.

Following on the retro theme established for the logo and bringing value to Owner Matt Johnson's philosophy of cutting edge healthcare and old fashioned service we created a friendly talkative brand style which would speak directly to the customer about the offering.

Using a muted retro palette and 50's style we created typographic leaflets and information cards to inform the public of the direct delivery prescriptive service and online pharmacy.

To launch Restore in to the marketplace we created a targeted advertising campaign on a new business start-up budget. Learning more about the offering and the target audience we created four characters including a granny, a business man, a working lady and a busy mum who would feature in a Lichtenstein pop-art inspired campaign to tell their story of how Restore saves them time and money.

The branding was rolled out to stationery, leaflets, stickers and signage.