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ROJO NightClub & Bar launch

ROJO Bar has a ten year reputation as the place to go for Jersey's trend bar flys. Their loyal followers had always wanted a later licence and a bigger dancefloor and at the end of 2013 the owner was excited to announce that ROJO was upgrading to a bigger venue which could offer exactly that.

Split into two floors and themes: vintage cocktails downstairs and dance club upstairs we were tasked to create the opening launch material for the venue which would include invitations, advertising, and the individual event posters. Each event night would have it's own concept name and look.

We created a risqué burlesque theme for the opening of the vintage bar building intrigue and a flutter of excitement amongst the awaiting Jersey club scene. The same theme was rolled out for the New Years Eve Party which sold out within a week of going on sale.

Other Concepts included 'Shameless' Friday's 80's & 90's at ROJO and 'RETOX Sunday Sessions' 'Why Detox when you can Retox'.