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Superintendent Registrar

Life, death and marriage happen every day in Jersey. It’s the job of the Superintendent Registrar, Claire, to register the biggest events of people's lives.

The Superintendent contacted us to create a digital version of the States of Jersey Registrar's crest dating back to the 17th century. Steeped in history, the original crest had been created as a metal stamp that could only be used in a stamping machine giving an embossed look to all the official papers. The new digital crest would have more potential for use online and on paper.

We used the iPad pro to draw the lions using a high resolution photograph of the original stamp as reference and finalised the drawing of the crest logo on the desktop.

Featuring the new lion emblem and carefully chosen styling, sympathetic to the original, we created two beautiful pieces of signage – well crafted, clean but traditional to last the test of time.