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Voisins Department Store

Founded in 1837, Voisins is the oldest family-run department stores in Britain. From fashion to beauty and perfumery, they have created a reputation in Jersey for variety and quality. 

We were approached to create a set of animations for Christmas that captured the magic of Christmas as well as the spirit of the store. 

Motion graphics are a decisive way of grabbing the attention of a wider audience and truly set your brand apart in a fun way. They are an especially effective way to advertise through multiple social media platforms.

We created 3 different animations which evoked the anticipation of the upcoming seasonal holiday. A countdown that featured a special gift each day, over 12 days, and an animation for the VIP in someones life for Le Leiveres and Voisins respectively. 

We mixed sparkles and 3D present openings to create animations that were pushed out on Facebook, Instagram and Google advertising.

For a little snapshot of results, the 12 day animation countdown across 12 days achieved:
26.3K video views
2523 Instagram views