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Who's paying for your pension?

We are living longer and healthier lives which means increasing numbers of people are living into their 80s & 90s. This means we face new challenges as individuals and a society. Social Security have the challenge ahead to make sure we will all have enough income and savings to look after ourselves in retirement for this and the next generation.

Social Security needed a strong campaign for their upcoming Living Longer: Thinking Ahead consultation. Aimed at encouraging the Jersey community to engage and fill out out a survey to help to shape the future of income in retirement in Jersey.

For most people, the consultation becomes real with the act of filling in their questionnaire. Completing it means we can all influence decision-makers on how income on retirement will effect us. It was important the brand appealed to the whole community, and especially the younger generation most impacted by any future changes, to get opinions that the government can review.

We designed a brand which was bright and friendly but also engaging. The colour scheme, with the dominant yellow and purple gave the document a confident but positive tone of voice. We introduced a layout using graphic elements based on an arrow style and diagonals, suggesting direction and options. Infographics and icons were also created where appropriate to illustrate the statistics and key information. To make the brand engaging with a local audience, the map of Jersey was incorporated to highlight that this is about OUR island and changes will effect everyone. We wanted to represent the demographic of Jersey; families, multiple generations, and a range of industries which were all featured. The target audience could instantly identify themselves making it captivating and giving them a reason to read the consultation paper.

Once the consultation paper was complete, we worked with Social Security on an advertising campaign to inform people about the paper and to direct people to fill out the questionnaire; the key message' SOCIAL SECURITY WANTS YOUR VIEWS.' and 'Your contributions. Your future.' It was crucial that it was understood that action hadn't yet been carried out by the government and that public views matter.

The campaign was rolled out across printed literature such as leaflets, banners, posters, and advertising in local publications such as Gallery and parish magazines. Animated web banners were also advertised on local websites, as well as graphics for the website. Social media was also implemented as a way of engaging with the target audience.