Together we thrive.

a-BCF brand

Established in 1992 Architects Barnes & Collie offer a wide range of architectural and related services to clients in Jersey and elsewhere.

With the introduction of a new Partner in 2012 we were briefed to create a new identity to reflect the strengths of the new team 'commitment to design excellence'.

With an excellent and award winning reputation in Jersey the partners wanted their names to be clear and prominent in their identity. Through brainstorming with the team we learned about their strengths and their passion for sustainability.

An identity was created from the initial of each of the Partners and arranging letters in the stylish geometric display font Bauhaus. The letters were then encapusated within a circular window which would sit next to the architects names.

We decided to use a progressive warm green palette to reflect their sustainable ethics. We also chose to use sustainable papers for all of their stationery which carries the FSC accreditation.

The branding was rolled out to stationery, signage, advertising, stickers and even branded cupcakes for the re-launch. The identity is now embraced within the studio and used to produce their own in-house branded newspaper.