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Armadillo Cooks

Having experienced life across the world and wanting to start a catering business in Jersey, Antoinette approached Üba to create a unique brand 'Armadillo Cooks', that would stand out as much as her flavours and cooking.

Starting with a brand clarity session, we discussed the brand name, as well as objectives, vision and all the elements that made our creative cook what she is today! It was important that the brand had a worldly look and feel - this meant looking at earthy colours and patterns inspired by different countries.

We created an illustration of an armadillo which uses geometric lines and hand drawn patterns. After researching colours we found that bright red and orange symbolised appetite and food which we paired with a mustard yellow and light brown creating a delicious and worldly feel (and a graphic you just want to keep looking at!).

To further entice, we came up with the strap-line ‘Deliciously Creative Dishes’ and headlines such as ‘Taste the world’s flavours in every bite’. It was important that the language matched the brands values and vision.

The branding was applied across print, website and social media.