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Claire Davies, Advocate

Opening her own practice in February 2018, Claire Davies already had an established reputation in Jersey as a leading Family Law Advocate. Known for a focused and dedicated working practice as well as excellence in legal talent, she needed a brand that reflected this and place her highly amongst her peers.

We created an understated elegant logo, featuring Claire’s initials which formed a distinctive globe shape. This was paired with a serif typeface which recognises Claire’s experience and dedication to her career and clients. A stamp version on the logo was created to be used in different aspects of the branding as a mark of excellence.

As Claire works within a sensitive area of law, the brand needed to be empathetic and compassionate but also discreet and defiant. This was the consideration when choosing the colour palette; efficient, bold colours that also suggested trust and integrity.

For the brand, a suite of images were chosen, featuring landscapes with blended colours. These were teamed up with a range of patterns for use in different situations. 

The logo emblem created a subtle pattern for use on stationery and the website. A bold eye-catching stripe pattern was also produced for testimonials on the website and on social media.

The brand was rolled out across a new website, stationery, signage, advertising and social media.