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Education Department - Framework Review

From September 2019 education in Jersey will be independently assessed for the first time.

We were briefed by the Government of Jersey Education Department to highlight the importance and purpose of The Jersey Schools Review in an engaging way. 

In order to create a clear, engaging message we decided to create an animated story based upon a colourful school environment to decribe the timeline of events. Working alongside the Education Department we created a storyboard and wrote a script. A bright set of illustrations was created in-house and the story was animated using Adobe After Effects. 

A digital leaflet was created to send to all schools with a link to the animation, which was also launched on social media across Jersey. 

Watch the film here

Feedback was extremely positive:

"I have really enjoyed working with the staff from Üs Creatives. They are personable, adaptable and highly skilled at bringing the content to life in a way that is suitable for the intended audience. Thank you!" Anthony Goldhawk, Assessment Adviser