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Education Solutions

Local entrepreneur, Jane Hairon, asked us to create a brand for her new business, Education Solutions.

Education Solutions is a new concept to Jersey, offering advice and guidance to parents as they make decisions about their children's education.

We helped Jane finalise the name and strapline, 'Preparing for their future'; a clear statement giving viewers an understanding into what the company does.

We set out to design a logo and colour scheme; we chose a clean, bold typeface which was accompanied with a handwriting font for the strapline. This gave the impression of a child or teacher's writing, reflecting the 'education' topic. It was important that an emblem also reflected education, therefore we smartly incorporated a book shape into the 'E'.

Blue and green are both colours associated with education, but we wanted to avoid shades which instinctively suggested a school. We therefore researched Education Solution's target market and chose a colour scheme which was modern, and reflected high end shades of blue and green. Jane loved the colour scheme so much, especially the apple green, that she choose the green to be the dominant colour on her business card.

The Education Solutions brand was also rolled out across a website featuring photography by local photographer Glen Perotte.