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JobsFest Event

Back to Work is a division of States of Jersey Social Security Department tasked with finding both long and short-term ways to reduce the number of Islanders who are unemployed.

Following the economic downturn Jersey was facing an all-time high in the number of jobseekers out of work. During this period Back to Work were piloting on a number of initiatives to help registered jobseekers gain employment - one of the initiatives was called ‘JobsFest’, an 8 week event designed to help local people actively seeking work to meet potential employers from different sectors, gain new skills, improve their CV and experience job seeking from a different perspective.
Back to Work briefed us to create a campaign with 2 direct targets. Primarily it needed to appeal to registered jobseekers, encouraging them to attend JobsFest and the 70+ talks and events being held over the course of the eight weeks. As a secondary outcome it also needed to inform employers about the ‘JobsFest Employer Incentive’; an incentive which enables employers to hire eligible jobseekers at no financial cost during the eight weeks of the Event.
We created a positive, bold and colourful brand in a festival style to encourage jobseekers to take part in the events. We used a bold sans font for the logo type which would stand alone on its own as well as alongside illustrative icons that were developed.
A diary of the 8 week event was created and sent out to everyone registered as actively seeking work. The diary was colour coded across all event topics and illustrated icons were also created to represent each topic. To make the diary user friendly, a map was also included showing all the event locations.
To promote the event, banners, posters, postcards and web banners were created. Badges were also produced for event leaders to wear to be recognised. Since the event coincided with Tennerfest, a popular local food festival, adverts about the Employer Incentive were placed in a Tennerfest publication knowing that it would have a wide local audience.
The events in 2013, 2014 & 2015 were a great success resulting in unemployment falling.
Back to Work & Social Security Marketing and Communications Officer, David McGrath, was delighted with the work we created for JobsFest. He said “After presenting Ruthie and her team with a challenging creative brief, I was delighted with the designs they created for our campaign. We needed something that would stand out from the crowd and that’s exactly what the creative did. As always, Üs provided great communication at every stage of the design process.”