Together we thrive.

Le Rossignol Estates

We launched Le Rossignol Estates in 2016 with personal service flying high.

With 15 years in the industry well-known estate agent Jeremy LeRossignol decided to start-up on his own. He recognised that whether buying or renting, customers were looking for an honest, calm and connected experience. A confident expert that could get them to where they need to be without the stress.His new business visual identity had to be bold, bright and, well, bespoke.

We saw value in Jeremy's reputation on island and created an identity around his name as one to trust. The translation of his surname means Nightingale and therefore a bird was created as a symbol flying high above his logotype and so we naturally wrote the strap-line ‘Where personal service flies high', with the emphasis on personal service and positive experience. 

After three years in the business Jeremy has firmly found his own footing in the industry and is enjoying great success!

“I get extremely positive feedback on the branding from everyone I meet.”  Jeremy LeRossignol, Le Rossignol Estates