Together we thrive.


MasonBreese (formerly Jersey Corporate Services Limited (JCSL), has a good reputation supporting businesses through change. Following a structural adjustment in the business, and additional services to their offer we helped them re-invent, changing their name to MasonBreese – after the two well known working Directors.

Following a Brand Clarity workshop, we created a brand in-line with the calbre of their work, and relevant for today’s customer.

MasonBreese is all about trusting relationships, working alongside clients to deliver quality effective change projects on time and within budget. Whether its accessing change professionals, utilising the graduate training programme or re-training in change – MasonBreese strive for excellence. It’s new brand needed to reflect their new services and brand values of Excellence, Transparency & Value Driven plus the energy, innovation and calibre of the team.

We created a beautiful understated brand featuring an icon of 3 tree branches, representing the brand values and 3 areas of the business. It is also the representation of an astrocyte (neuro cell) responsible for creating new pathways for new behaviours and talent in the brain. We used a fluorescent green to reflect the innovative tech side of the business teamed with a warm grey metallic for stability and sophistication.

A visual brand concept utilising photography was created, giving the brand distinct character, strength and trust. The photography features the MB team including the Directors, with use of creative double eposures representing the depth of their work and environments in which they work.

The brand was embraced fully by the team and we worked alongside them to roll out the brand across all areas including stationery, signage and the website. A full set of brand guidelines was written to advise upon all aspects of the brand and copy tone of voice so the team could take some of the brand on in-house.

We worked alongside them to create a teaser campaign and organise their big launch where existing and future clients could see demonstration of their software and meet the change academy students.

The work was carried out with collaboration with Glen Perotte Photographer (Photography) and Arlene Maltman Copywriter (strap-line), I-Pop Digital (website).