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Propel Fwd

Originally named Lean Jsy the B2B company wished to rename and rebrand to reflect its additional services becoming more popular in the global environment - not only offering Lean change management and training but also GDPR/ Data Protection. 

After a brand clarity session with the founder we decided to explore the concept of 'Staying ahead of the curve' which the services enable you to do. A range of names were put forward and Propel Fwd was chosen by the majority for the same reasoning. We wrote the strap-line 'Define. Optimise. Accelerate.' to reflect the actions taken by the team and the potential the company offers other businesses.

We developed a unique identity using the 'P' as an icon moving forward using the golden section as an influence. A strong set of colours were established using a gradient of colours from purple to blue. We developed a set of hero imagery with the concept of movement featuring the colour palette.

We created a new user friendly website and blog, with SEO and Google AdWords.

A marketing plan targeting local businesses included a B2B island drop, business magazines and online advertising were rolled out on launch.

Feedback was very positive.