Together we thrive.



Over recent years, well-being & mindfulness has been recognised for it's importance as part of a balanced lifestyle. This led the States of Jersey to hold the first 'Jersey Wellfest' event; a well-being festival that promoted mental and physical fitness. Featuring talks, activities and workshops, the event was scheduled to coincide with World Mental Health Day and give attendees the opportunity to learn and try new things that could have a healthy impact on their well-being. Laughing yoga, mermaid lessons and tea dancing were just a few of the activities available.


The Idea:

We created an inclusive brand to appeal to thew whole spectrum of the community. Digitally hand drawn illustrations featured people taking in fresh air and walking the dog to show an array of mindfulness activities. This was paired with a bold type logo that created a strong identity across social media, print and advertising and would also be easily adaptable for future events. The colour scheme was bright and eye-catching, making use of hot colours but also strongly using greens and teals; colours that are associated with health and well-being.



The brand was rolled out across roller banners, adverts, social media, programmes, leaflets, wristbands and canvas bags. Local schools and the community attended the festival across 2 days and enjoyed a vast variety of activities and talks.